Vending machines offer

Free installation of self-service vending machines.

Self-service vending machines
Prices in self-service appliances

We bring and install our state-of-the-art vending machines free of charge.

Regularly and at our expense:

  • we service
  • we fill with raw materials
  • we maintain hygiene
  • we eliminate possible malfunctions and damages

Yours is just:

  • to provide space for a vending machine, and
  • permit to use of electricity and water.


The prices of our drinks and other products are minimal, competitive, and adjusted to the capabilities of employees, and their payment is possible via:

The traditional way - by using cash and coins. Vending machines return change.

Contemporary way - without the use of cash, with the help of an electronic key or card.

Modern way - the purchase of products can be made through a mobile application.

Offer of self-service appliances

Methods of

Full subsidy

Employees are served indefinitely during the month, and payment is made through the account, with a list of vending machines once a month.

Partial subsidy

The employer pays a certain part through the account, and the remaining amount, the employees using cash. The modern method of payment via electronic key or electronic card.

No subsidy

Employees pay for the products themselves using cash.

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