Vending machines and apparatus for coffee, tea, juices and snacks Our quality service is the motto under which
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Vending coffee machines

Vending machines and apparatus for coffee, tea, juices, and snacks

Self-service vending machines

Free installation of self-service vending machines

The company “Mikus” was founded in 2007 with the main activity of providing services through vending machines for hot and cold drinks and snack products. Our goal was to create a quality company that will focus its knowledge and ability primarily on service quality. The combination of service quality and respect for the user’s wishes proved to be winning. Thanks to that, “Mikus” is today among the country’s leading companies when it comes to self-service vending machines.

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Self-service vending machines

Mikus vending machines bring more pleasure to your everyday work. Depending on the size of your company or institution, we offer various types of vending machines.

Advantages of self-service vending machines


The safest way to make coffee following workplace safety standards.


Functioning and available 24 hours a day.


Minimal electricity and water consumption eliminate the need for a coffee kitchen.


15 seconds = 1 coffee
More time for real rest of the workers on a break

They motivate

Employees are more motivated to work.
Awareness that the employer thinks of them in this way as well.


Easy to use, fits into any ambiance.

Product quality in self-service vending machines

Product quality in vending machines

The vending machine’s perfection also depends on the products with which it is loaded, and we use only top-quality materials and products from the most famous manufacturers in our vending machines.

Our offer

We can provide you with a complete service that is FREE and includes: setting up and installing vending machines, regular hygiene and filling vending machines, etc.


Ideas for companies

Our appliances bring greater pleasure to your everyday work. According to your company or institution’s size, our professional staff will meet your needs with a quality idea.


Methods of payment

The prices of our drinks and products are minimal, competitive, and adjusted to the possibilities of the employees, their payment is possible in a traditional and modern way.


Replenishment and service of vending machines

We can provide you with a complete service that is free and includes: free installation, regular replenishment, and maintenance of self-service machines.

Refill and service in self-service vending machines

Where are we?

In addition to the main center located in Vojka, we also have distribution centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, and Leskovac. In each center, there is a team of professional and friendly employees to respond to all the requests of our customers as soon as possible.

Request for quotation

Contact us with confidence and feel free to send us a request for an offer to install self-service machines in your company via a simple form, and we will respond to you with a specific offer.

What our satisfied customers say about us

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