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Necta Snakky MAX Vending Machine

Snakky MAX is a vending machine that offers a wide range of food and snack products. By design it's best suited for medium and large-sized spaces. This model is listed in category of high energy efficient vending machines with it's design that allows it to combine with other Necta products. Energy savings can go up to 20% in comparison with older Necta models. Main characteristics of this vending machine is that allows selling of fresh products or products that have short expiration time period.

SKU: 12345678
CATEGORY: Vending machines
BRAND: Necta


  • • Impresive capacity of vending machine supported with flexible ergonomics
  • • Excellent balanced capacity in relation to the dimensions of vending machine
  • • Spiral interior designed specifically for bottles, cans, snacks and food
  • • Interior of the vending machine has LED lightning
  • • Ergonomic space for the products delivery with blocking doors
  • • legant design with a panoramic glass in front of the machine
  • • Ability to install up to 3 payment system
  • • Sound signals on delivery of selected products
  • • Brand new and energy efficient cooling unit
  • • A special mode that allows reduced energy consumption
  • • Blue alphanumeric display with 20 characters per line 4