Very flexible machine for every use

Necta Snakky Vending Machine

With options specially designed to suit costumers, Snakky is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized spaces thanks to it small and compact dimensions. This vending machine has an ideal balance of price and quality as it has Kikko payment system. It's innovative design allows it to be combined with other vending machines and products.

SKU: 12345678
CATEGORY: Vending machines
BRAND: Necta
MODEL: Snakky


  • • Flexible ergonomics that provides support for cans, bottles and snacks
  • • Excellent balance capacity in relation to the dimensions of vending machine
  • • Spiral interior designed specifically for the purpose of distribution
  • • Large glass front panel with aluminium frame
  • • Numerical dial with a protective membrane
  • • Ability to install up to 3 payment system
  • • Alphanumeric display in blue with 20 characters per line 4
  • • Automatic adjustment of machine and data collection through the GIGA program