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Capitani Sweety - Capitani Capsules

Capitany Sweety is a small-dimension coffee machine perfect for small business offices. Being user-friendly, one press of a button prepares you an espresso, a capuccino, latte or a hot chocolate. It uses milk capsules that need to be regularly topped up. It takes 40 seconds to prepare your refreshment. Since it is easily disasembled, the machine is very simple to clean, and it is dish-washer friendly.

Time neeaded for preparation:
40 seconds

SKU: 160036
CATEGORY: Espresso machines
BRAND: Lavazza
MODEL: Capitani Sweety


  • • Water tank capacity: 2l
  • • Dimensions: 29 x 20 x 26cm
  • • Weight: 6 kg
  • • Waist disposal capacity: 15 capsuls
  • • Time needed to warm up: 60 seconds