Large offer in large dimensions

Vega Vending machine for selling drinks and snacks

Vega Bianchi is a vending machine for snacks and cold drinks that is defined with large size, interior space with 6 compartments and high reliability. Interior work temperature is about 6 degrees Celsius that allows possibility to storage about 48 different products that are always on a visible place thanks to a big glass door in front.

SKU: 12345678
CATEGORY: Vending machines
BRAND: Bianchi


  • • Possibility of combining with other vending machine models
  • • Big glass on front panel allows a nice view of all products in offer
  • • 6 compartments separated into levels for easier sorting
  • • The internal operating temperature is +6 ° so that it can retain freshness of products
  • • It has it's own payment system
  • • Special space for the products delivery with doors that are below the window
  • • Easy machines maintenance
  • • The possibility to offer 48 products simultaneously
  • • Plenty of space with large dimensions